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Simi, Womens Cold Lined Slip-on Boots Short Length FLY London
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> Typography and Web Design

Often overlooked for its more exciting design counterparts, typography plays an integral part in creating the tone and overall experience of any successful website. As Oliver Reichenstein so astutely put it, “Web Design is 95% Typography” . So we better pay attention to how to do it well.

The Basics

Typography is the art and science of using type to communicate through language, in clear, legible and visually engaging ways. It involves the intentional selection of font, color, size, spacing, layout, and alignment. It can convey a message quickly and evoke emotion when done well on a website. When not done well, it can make the overall experience messy and hard to engage with.

Serif vs Sans Serif

The two major categories of fonts are serif and sans serif. Serif fonts have serifs, small feet, at the end of the letter stroke. Sans serif fonts do not have these feet. Serif fonts usually convey a feeling of professionalism and tradition. While sans serif fonts carry a feeling of being modern, clean and fresh.

Sans serif fonts have been shown to be easier to read online in body copy, with the opposite is true for print. This is because serifs make it tougher for the eye to follow on a lit screen.

Diving into the Deeper Concepts

Line Height

Line Height refers to the space between the individual lines of text. Having the right line height can make a website’s text more readable and easier to scan. If it’s too close together it can cause the reader to have to squint. If it’s too far apart it will be confusing to look at.

Line Length

Line length is the number of words in a line. A good line length will allow the user’s eyes to move from the end of one line to the beginning of the next with ease.


On a website, the colors are created by light. This means thinking about contrast is even more important than in print, because there’s a higher risk of a user having to strain to read. Dark text on a light background provides the most contrast with the most comfortable reading experience.


Hierarchy can sound like an obvious concept, but is an easy one to get lost once someone has gotten deep into writing their own content. It is what organizes and defines how to read through content and assigns higher importance to different areas. This plays a huge role in making copy successfully scannable for the reader. In typography hierarchy can be created through size, color, weight and uppercase lettering. In all of these categories it’s important to choose a few intentional variations but not too many, or the organized hierarchy will be lost to chaos.

The Number of Fonts

Using multiple typefaces can aid in creating hierarchy, bringing a unique style and tone to your website, and helping with scannability. However, it can be a thin line between this and too many fonts, which can cause the website to feel unstructured, disorganized and unprofessional. A good rule of thumb is no more than three type families and to use the same ones throughout the site. And a lot of the time one or two families will work just fine. Keep in mind that they should compliment each other. Meaning, that they should flow well with each other on a page, but not so similar that the change in font seems like a mistake.

White Space

White space is a break from content on the page. Simply put, it’s empty space. It doesn’t have to actually be the color white, but it’s a break from content. This is important, especially on content heavy websites, in order to give the user’s eye a break. Otherwise the content can feel like a dense wall, which is not enticing for anyone to jump into. This concept lends itself to the design approach of “less is more”. While people like the idea of white space in theory, once you’re working on your own site it can be easy to want to fill up every space with content. Try to remember that the more concise you are, the more likely someone is going to want to actually read what you have to say!


Most importantly, whatever rules you establish, stick to them. Consistency creates a flow and allows the user to enjoy going through your website, without having to relearn the structure over and over agin. Typography is really important to a website. And when it’s done well, you probably don’t even notice it, because it’s doing its job of guiding you smoothly from one place to the next without making you do all the work.

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into the color side of things, take a look at Morgan’s post on distressed penny loafers Black Officine Creative Wide Range Of For Sale Newest Cheap Online Outlet Good Selling Discount Exclusive 46qbywVE

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Leading the way in experimental and clinical research in hematology

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Margaret V. Ragni , Lynn M. Malec and Janna M. Journeycake
Blood 2016 128:3793;
Margaret V. Ragni
Department of Medicine, Division Hematology/Oncology and Hemophilia Center of Western PA, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Lynn M. Malec
Department of Pediatrics, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA
Janna M. Journeycake
Children's Medical Center, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Introduction: The eradication of inhibitors using immune tolerance induction (ITI) remains the mainstay of therapy in patients with severe hemophilia A who develop inhibitors. The long-acting recombinant factor VIII Fc fusion protein, rFVIIIFc (Eloctate™), which is safe and effective in the prevention and treatment of bleeding events, may promote tolerance to FVIII as shown in preclinical animal models and an inhibitor prone child, as Fc suppresses immunoregulatory Tcells to proteins to which Fc is attached. We therefore previously hypothesized rFVIIIFc would provide effective ITI, specifically shortening and simplifying ITI, and have previously described successful inhibitor eradication in three patients. Long-term follow-up data after successful ITI in patients with severe hemophilia remains limited. In the International Immune Tolerance Induction study, at 1-year follow-up, 6 of 66 subjects who had achieved tolerance demonstrated evidence of relapse at a median of 9.5 months. Of these 6 subjects, 1 had a measurable inhibitor titer and 5 had reduced FVIII recovery. We aim to provide follow-up data on our cohort of patients who had successful inhibitor eradication utilizing rFVIIIFc for ITI.


Methods: Immune tolerance induction was initiated in three patients with severe hemophilia A and anti-VIII >5 B.U., in two as initial ITI (Pt. 1, 3), and one as salvage (Pt. 2) after failing to achieve ITI with standard rFVIII due to poor compliance. Follow-up was scheduled every 6-8 weeks, with planned determination of FVIII half-life once the anti-FVIII fell to <0.6 B.U. Tolerance was a priori defined as achieving anti-FVIII <0.6 B.U., FVIII recovery of at least 60%, and half-life (t½) >6 hours. Once a t½ >6 hours was documented, incremental reduction to rFVIIIFc occurred. Patients continued to be followed by their local HTC as per standard of care.

That maker of store-brand grocery items, TreeHouse Foods Inc., is a $2 billion company with over $6 billion per year in revenue. Like many consumer staples companies, its stock has been weak, falling over 50 percent over the past year because of disappointing earnings results brought about in part by higher freight and commodity costs in recent months. That’s what made the change of tone on pricing so noteworthy.

Makers of consumer packaged goods have been dogged by concerns that they’re unable to raise prices , and because their input costs have been rising, their profits and stock prices have suffered as a result.

There’s a collective-action problem here. One company might avoid raising prices out of fear that its competitor would undercut by keeping prices low. In particular, a branded product that’s already more expensive than its private-label equivalent is afraid of raising prices.

Analysts on the TreeHouse earnings call were understandably intrigued to hear that the private-label options were about to be more expensive. The president and CEO, Steven Oakland, defended the decision, saying: “Our margins are our margins, and so passing commodities on, I think is a reasonable conversation.”

This is likely the start of “breaking the seal” and allowing the whole sector to raise prices now that the store brands are raising theirs. And yet, people are most likely going to end up eating more or less the same as they did before the price increases. The cost cutting will happen elsewhere in American households’ budgets.

If $500 a year comes out of a household budget because, say, gasoline and food costs rise, that leaves $500 less of spending power for everything else. Will people put off upgrading their smartphone for an extra few months? Will they put off buying an automobile or home appliance for an extra few months? Will they cancel their Netflix or Spotify subscription?

As there is less and less doubt that an uptick in inflation is coming, these are the sorts of questions facing investors. Will wages rise along with inflation, in that ideal positive-feedback loop? Or will Americans have to cut back on something?

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.

To contact the author of this story: Conor Sen at

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WATCH Global warming affecting polar bear migration, experts say
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The Trump administration announced Thursday it wants to redefine several parts of the law that protects polar bears and other endangered species in the U.S., a move that advocacy groups say will "slam a wrecking ball" into efforts to keep animals from becoming extinct.

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Trump Administration
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Under the proposals, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would change how the government decides which species should be protected as "endangered" and how parts of the country are established as critical for protecting a species at risk, prioritizing areas where an endangered species currently lives before granting protections for other areas.

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